Riovic Wallet - Inclusive digital banking

An inclusive digital banking experience.

We are making the benefits of private and ecommerce business banking accessible to people and businesses at the bottom to middle of the economic pyramid through the use of technology and inclusive banking models.

Inflation Hedging

You can protect your money from inflation which erodes its value by saving in gold and silver ounces which retain its purchasing power year after year.

Money Transfer

Easily and quickly send money to your friends' and family's wallets at very low costs and also receive money from them into your wallet.


The Riovic Wallet platform consists of a multivendor online store protected by escrow which you can purchase from using funds in your wallet.


As merchant account holder you can send and manage payment requests to your customers and receive payments through the Riovic Wallet platform.

Bill Payments

Bill payments to different merchants for mobile, internet, landline, electricity, insurance and many more can be paid with your wallet funds.

Escrow Protection

All payments to merchants on the Riovic Wallet platform are part of the payments protection program to protect you when a merchant fails to deliver.

POS Payments

You can accept payments as a merchant at your physical store location into the your wallet by setting up a POS terminal with our APIs.

PIN Protection

You have the option of locking money transfers with a pin code which prevents the receiver from accessing the money until they enter the PIN.

QR Payments

You can generate QR codes of your voucher codes wallet mobile number and also read QR codes generated by other users on the platform.

How does it work ?



Register using your phone number, email address and names to use Riovic Wallet.



Submit a copy of your identity document and proof of address for full services.



Enjoying loading money, sending money, paying bills and unloading money.

Account Offerings


The Riovic Wallet personal account is for individuals who shop and pay online, or wish to send or receive personal payments for shared expenses such as splitting of dinner bills or rental charges; for casual sellers or non-businesses who wish to get paid online, and who have bills to pay.


The Riovic Wallet business account is for merchants who operate under a company/group name. It offers additional features such as allowing you to accept payments on a third-party website or app and to create merchant accounts, stores and listing products on the Riovic Wallet marketplace.


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